Political Action Committee Form

State law requires that CIADA has this form on file in order to solicit contributions to the CIADA-PAC NC/SC. Signing this form does not obligate you in any way to contribute.

Only complete and submit this form if:

  • You are (or your company is) a member or associate member of CIADA.
  • You are empowered by your company to authorize CIADA-PAC to distribute solicitations for contributions to other executives/employees of your company.

Name of Authorized Representative

I, hereby give approval for solicitation of certain of its employees to contribute to CIADA-PAC, the political action fund of Carolinas Independent Automobile Dealers Association, a trade association of which the Company is a member or associate member. Contributions to the CIADA-PAC are voluntary; no one will benefit or be disadvantaged by the amount contributed or by a decision not to contribute. Federal law requires disclosure of name, address, employer, and occupation. Contributions to CIADA-PAC are not deductible for federal income tax purposes and must be made personally (no corporate or company contributions).


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Not a member? Join now!

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