CIADA Certified Master Dealers

Certified Master Dealers

Certified Master Dealers

If you leave the lot at the end of the day and feel like all you accomplished was putting out fires all day, if you feel like their is no organization or structure in your operation, or if you have difficulty reading your profit and loss statement, balance sheet or statement of cashflows, then this training is definitely for you.

This training is for you if:

  • You struggle to read and manage a combination of the profit and loss, balance sheet and statement of cash flows.
  • You feel like you are putting out fires all day long and at the end of the day, have attacked little of what you intended.
  • You are interested in getting stronger at recruiting the right talent, for the right jobs and the right time.
  • You are curious if your operation is doing good, bad or ugly in many categories and would like to learn how you stack up.
  • You want to improve your profitability in general and learn best practices in the critical areas of your operation.

Our Certified Master Dealers

1st. Nations Automotive, NC
Kimberly Bradshaw
Ray Stallings
Carolina Auto Sales, SC
Kevin Pendergrass
Crown Auto Sales & Finance
Darryl Jackson
Deal Depot, SC
Darla Booher
Dew Automotive, NC
Curtis Dew
E-Z Auto, NC
Chris Martin
Frank Myers Auto Maxx
Tracy Myers
G & B Auto Sales, NC
William Davis
Lexington Auto Sales
Christopher Crisp
McAdenville Motors
Steve Wetmore
Midgette Auto Sales, Inc.
Jody Midgette
Spec Hoffman Auto Sales, NC
Bobby Hoffman
The Auto Finders, NC
Michael Darrow
Van's Auto Sales, SC
Billy Threadgill
Michael Threadgil