What dealers are saying about being a member of CIADA:
  • When we started the business, the first thing we did was join CIADA. We wanted an organization that had a solid knowledge base.
  • I give CIADA a tremendous amount of credit for our success. A lot of our inspiration comes from CIADA; it’s an independent, non-competitive source of information and ideas.


  • Thank you all at CIADA for helping us to become the dealer that we want to be, and for ensuring that we will continue to have the tools at hand that we will need to succeed in the future.

  • Without question, CIADA remains one of this industry’s very best sources of information, networking, and continuing education.


  • CIADA has helped me tremendously over the years. If I could belong to only one association, it would be CIADA. You have to participate, you have to want to learn. You have to take advantage of the opportunity.


  • I thought that joining the CIADA would be a waste of money. I WAS WRONG! They have given me so much more than the $299.00 membership fee. A dealer would be crazy not to be a member of the CIADA.