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Bring Affordable Healthcare to your Dealership with Capitol Health Share


 With 40+ years of knowledge and experience in health care our team of experts decided to “Re-Think” our health care system, take the best from the current options, and “Re-Design” group health to provide the right care at the right price for all employees. The result is unbelievable! Consider a better way…Care LogisticsFirst Dollar Benefits 24/7
  •  Virtual or Office Visits, Urgent Care, Lab, X-Ray and more
  •  Concierge Services to Guide and Coordinate your care with your Medical Providers
  •  When there is a medical need, your employees simply open our app or call or text and our team of doctors and medical professionals will guide them, to make sure they get the right care every time. NOTHING MORE - NOTHING LESS.
  •  Affordable Care for Catastrophic & Hospitalization ($1,000 IUA With Unlimited Maximums
  •  Affordable Rate (Employee $333: Emp.&Spouse $650; Family $950
  •  No Underwriting
  •  Health Care Providers Like our plan because they get paid the pre-determined amount immediately or in the case of Hospitalization within 10 days.

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