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The Carolinas Independent Automobile Dealers Association has joined with SmartGroups™ in a partnership that includes picking up the tab for dealers’ CIADA dues – and introduces a groundbreaking new way to put the advantages of 20 Group membership within reach of virtually every dealer.

As part of the partnership, SmartGroups: 20 Groups Reimagined will pay the annual state association dues for any North or South Carolina independent dealer who joins a SmartGroups 20 Group, whether the dealer is a current member of the association or not.

That applies to any dealers from North or South Carolina who are already members of SmartGroups.

The joint venture includes education and training opportunities for CIADA’s member dealers.
CIADA executive director John Brown said the expertise of SmartGroups founder and CEO Justin Osburn is a key piece of the partnership.

“I've known Justin for many years and value his knowledge and ability to connect personally with our members,” Brown said. “CIADA is pleased to partner with SmartGroups to bring more quality education to our member dealers and welcomes its focus on reaching both small and large dealers with first-class resources.”

The partnership also creates an innovative new concept in 20 Groups, designed to be far more cost-effective and accessible to smaller operations.

SmartGroups Lite are state-specific 20 Groups featuring meetings held in the dealers’ home state with an accelerated two-day schedule, minimizing the time spent away from the dealership and the costs of travel, accommodations, and meeting expenses.

Members of SmartGroups Lite will still have the benefit of the industry’s best moderators/consultants and best meeting content, topics, and speakers, but in less time and at a lower cost.

“We’re excited to launch a very first in 20 Groups,” Osburn said. “Low prorates, no air travel necessary, all dealers from within the state. Thanks to CIADA, this is literally the most affordable 20 Group program ever offered to retail dealers in the Carolinas.”

Lite 20 Groups will be available in every state in which the IADA is partnered with SmartGroups, and SmartGroups will pay the state IADA dues for all members of the Lite groups.


For more information, visit smart20groups.com/southcarolina or  smart20groups.com/northcarolina.



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