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December 7th, 2022

**Update March 13th, 2023***

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The Carolinas Independent Automobile Dealers Association (CIADA) will present a series of Dealer Advisory Groups (DAGS) meetings in North Carolina and South Carolina. The DAGs will be conducted in a facilitated format and will be led by current independent dealers deemed as regional co-leaders. The meetings will be open to all independent dealers of the Carolinas. CIADA has enlisted the help of industry consultant and trainer, Marty Coates to serve as coordinator and meeting facilitator.

"We hope to broaden our footprint in dealer relationships by hosting the DAGs. Our focus will be to listen, learn and share information while enjoying a quick meal. Networking and exchanging ideas will be vital to the success of this new initiative and the future of independent dealersBrown said.

CIADA has divided the geographical territory into regions. In each region, two dealers will serve as regional co-leaders and will help to encourage meeting participation, provide program input and assist in group discussions.

The DAG initiative is being underwritten by Wayne Reaves Software and Websites along with a host of individual company sponsors. The program format, however, is a ‘no-pitch” environment, free of commercials.

“We are excited to invest in and support this effort by the CIADA to explore ways to navigate the dynamic independent automobile industry”, said Jason Reaves, President of Wayne Reaves Software and Websites.

Upcoming sessions: 

 April 6th - Greensboro, NC

April 11th - Columbia, SC

May 10th - Florence, SC

May 11th- Raleigh, NC

June 7th - Greenville, SC

June 8th - Charlotte, NC

Look at our calendar to RSVP for a session in your region! More meetings will be released soon.  

To learn more check the DAGS Facebook page or call us at 704-455-211

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