The following constitutes a part of the Application for Exhibit Space. REVIEW CAREFULLY. Each exhibiting company is responsible for informing all booth personnel of these rules.

ELIGIBILITY: Members of CIADA who are engaged in offering services for sale are eligible to apply for exhibit space. In addition, companies who are not members of CIADA, but who are engaged in offering services for sale are eligible to apply for exhibit space. CIADA reserves the right to determine the eligibility of any company or product for inclusion in the trade show exhibition and to reject any application at will and without cause.

ALL VENDORS & AUCTIONS ARE REQUIRED TO HAVE A BOOTH IN ORDER TO ATTEND THE CIADA ANNUAL CONVENTION & EXPO CONTRACT FOR SPACE: By submitting an application for exhibit space, the applicant warrants his authority to bind the exhibiting company and releases the Carolina’s Independent Automobile Dealers Association and its agents, licensees, or employees that may arise or be asserted as a result of the submission of an application or of participating in this exposition. Acceptance of an application does not imply endorsement by CIADA of the applicant’s products, nor does rejection imply lack of merit of product or manufacturer. The cost of exhibit space per booth includes the right to occupy the specified 10-foot wide by 6-8 foot deep space on the exhibit floor, an 8-foot high back drape the width of the contracted space, 3-foot high side rail drapes at each end of the contracted space, one 8-foot table, two (2) chairs and two (2) convention registrations. It is recommended that you supply your own extension cords or power strips that you may need. These are available from the hotel, but carry a surcharge and you will be charged for them.

CANCELLATIONS: No refund will be made for space that is unused. If space is unoccupied at the opening of the exposition, CIADA reserves the right to rent or use said space without obligation of refund. If CIADA receives written cancellation of reserved space on or before June 1, 2021, 5:00 pm EST, there will be a cancellation penalty of 25% per booth space. If written cancellation is received after 5:00 pm EST on June 1, 2021, no refund will be made. Space remaining unpaid after June 1, 2021 may be reassigned.

USE OF EXHIBIT SPACE: Sharing booth space is not permitted without authorization by CIADA. No exhibitor may sublet, assign, appropriate or share any part of the space allotted or represent, advertise or distribute literature for the product of any other firm or individual except as approved in writing by CIADA. The purpose of the exhibit should be to inform and educate regarding the characteristics and uses of the products. Personnel qualified to offer technical explanations and answer questions should staff exhibits. Exhibits must be staffed at all times during exposition hours.

CONDUCT: All demonstrations, interviews and other exhibit activities must be conducted so as not to infringe on the rights of other exhibitors or offend visitors to the exhibit. No undignified manner of attracting attention will be permitted. The exhibitor assumes all costs arising from the use of patented, trademarked, copyrighted or service-marked materials, equipment, devices, processes or dramatic or musical rights used in or incorporated in the conduct of this event; and exhibitor warrants and represents that it will not be in violation of any laws governing the use of such proprietary works. Exhibitor agrees to indemnify and hold CIADA harmless for all damages and costs resulting from any infringement.

ENTERTAINMENT AND MEETINGS: In order to maintain the professional purpose of this convention and exposition, no company-sponsored functions, such as tours, film showings, sales meetings, presentations or similar activities shall be scheduled during exhibit hours or in conflict with any officially programmed CIADA event.

SOUVENIRS, SAMPLES AND LITERATURE: Distribution of souvenirs and samples is permitted, provided it is done in a dignified fashion and does not interfere with other exhibits. Distribution of literature by all exhibitors is encouraged, but may only take place within the exhibitor’s booth space.

CARE OF PREMISES: No part of an exhibit, signs or other materials may be pasted, nailed or otherwise affixed to walls, doors or other surfaces in a way that might mar or deface the convention center or property of any other company or person. Damage from failure to observe this notice is payable by the exhibitor.

EXHIBITOR BADGES: Exhibit personnel must register and wear CIADA identification badges, clearly visible at all times, while on the exhibit floor. Lending a badge to another person is prohibited.

INSURANCE: The exhibitor takes part in the exposition entirely at his/her own risk. The exhibitor assumes all responsibility for any and all loss, theft or damage to the exhibitor’s displays, equipment or other property while on the Kingston Plantation premises, and hereby waives any claim or demand it may have against the Embassy Suites at Kingston Plantation or its affiliates arising from such a loss, theft or damage. In addition, the exhibitor agrees to defend (if requested), indemnify and hold harmless CIADA and Embassy Suites at Kingston Plantation, and each of their respective parents, subsidiaries, employees, officers, directors, agents and other related or affiliated companies from and against any liabilities, obligations, claims, damages, suits, costs and expenses, including, without limitation, attorney’s fees arising from or in connection with the exhibitors occupancy and use of the exposition premises or any part thereof or any negligent act, error or omission of the exhibitor or its employees, subcontractors or agents. The exhibitor shall obtain and keep in force during the term of the installation and use of the exhibit premises, policies of Comprehensive General Liability Insurance and Contractual Liability Insurance, insuring and specifically referring to the Contractual Liability set forth in this exhibit agreement, in an amount not less than $2,000,000 Combined Single Limit for personal injury and property damage. The Resort, its owners, and its Operator, Inc. shall be included in such policies as additional names insureds. In addition, the exhibitor acknowledges that neither the Resort, its owners, nor its Operator, Inc. maintain insurance covering exhibitor’s property and that it is the sole responsibility of the exhibitor to obtain business interruption and property damage insurance insuring any losses by the exhibitor.

SET-UP, INSTALLATION AND REMOVAL: The setting up of exhibits may begin at 1:00 pm on Friday, August 6, 2021. Displays must be in place and ready for preview by 5:00 pm on Friday August 6, 2021 and remain intact until close of the exposition at 9:30 pm on Friday, August 6, 2021, when dismantling and removal may begin. Early dismantling is prohibited. If early dismantling or failure to set up the exhibit for the entire duration of the show occurs for any reason, the exhibitor may be penalized, including being banned from participating in future shows. The exhibits must be removed by 11:59 pm, on Friday, August 6, 2021.

STRIKES FIRES AND NATURAL DISASTERS: CIADA reserves the right to change the location and dates of the exposition in the event of a fire, strike or natural disaster should render the hall and/or city in which the exposition has been scheduled unusable or inadvisable.

INTERPRETATION AND ENFORCEMENT: These regulations constitute a part of the contract between the exhibitor and CIADA. CIADA has full power of interpretation and enforcement of these rules. All matters in question not covered by these regulations are subject to the decision of CIADA, and all decisions so made shall be binding on all parties affected by them as by the original regulations. Exhibitors and their representatives who fail to observe these conditions of contract or who, in the opinion of CIADA, conduct themselves unethically or in such a manner as to reflect upon the professionalism of the show, may be dismissed from the exhibit without refund and will not be allowed to exhibit at EXPO 2022. CIADA reserves the right to reject, eject or prohibit any exhibit in whole or in part, or any exhibitor or its representatives at will without cause.

GIVE-AWAYS: If you plan to have a “giveaway” from your booth at the Expo, please bring it with you so you won’t have to go out and get one at the last minute.

ACCOMMODATIONS: Are the responsibility of the exhibitor. Group rates of $247.00 per night (plus resort fee &taxes) are available on a first come basis (until the block is full) or until July 1, 2021. Call the Hilton at Kingston Plantation at 800-876-0010, ask for CIADA group rate.

CODE: CIACIADA CONVENTION PROGRAM & EXPO DIRECTORY: All exhibitors will be included in the directory, OPTIONAL paid advertisement is available.

Last updated 1/27/2021